As everyone knows when it comes to the Sema show you want to see the best of the automotive industry. For that reason we here at CFR Performance in Ontario, California wanted to launch our new LS motor accessory parts line. We wanted people to see our new parts, but also wanted to show people in person how they looked on an actual running LS motor. That is when we decided to completely redo our 1924 t-bucket in house.

    As any car builder would know that sometimes redoing a working car is harder than building one from scratch. This 1924 t-bucket was a full working car, the color was blue with big wheels and a LS 5.3l motor powering it and a 5 speed transmission. So we decided to change everything on this car except for the power train. We stripped the whole car till the bare frame was left. We decided to go with a more traditional old school look that would fit in with our new LS coil adapters. For the paint we sent the tub and bed along with the radiator cover to house of pain customs in Baldwin Park, California. The paint was a beautiful candy red with silver and red flakes and to add to the great work it only took them one week to completely paint. The frame was then sent to young guns in Rancho Cucamonga, California to get powder coated candy red and the suspension parts a nice silver color. Once everything came back all the bushing were replaced including the ball joints and tie rod ends.

   Once we began to reassemble the car we made sure to replace every bolt, nut, and washer with grade 8 hardware. The freshly powder coated control arms with their new bushings and bolts were mounted on to the frame with the powder coated spindle attaching them together. Next the mustang ii power rack and pinion was mounted with its new bushing and bolts attached to the spindles. We then installed the refreshed ford mustang 8.8 differential along with the powder coated lateral arms and control arms along with all new bushings and hardware. Now we were ready for the dual adjustable coil over shocks provided by Aldan American, which looked and fit perfectly. We then mounted the brake master cylinder with booster along with front and rear brake lines. Once the cylinder and booster were in place we mounted the brake calipers and the customized engraved rotors that were sponsored by Cquence Performance Brakes in Walnut, California with all new bearings and seals. The engine and transmission were mounted with the motor mount kit sponsored by Trans Dapt Performance out in Whittier, California. Now the car is starting to take shape with all its components being installed. The fuel cell was mounted along with the fuel lines going to the engine and then the bed was set in place. Next up to mount was the fuel injection ECU along with the engine harness. For the engine harness we contacted Corbala Performance from Hermosillo, Mexico. The owner Luis better known as "The Professor" came down, stripped the harness and mounted the ECU along with the necessary computer tune. Once that was done we started the motor with the new LS coil adapters and intake manifold with a center top mount for the 92mm throttle body. By this time Sema was about 30 days away and we had no time to waste to get this car completed. We set the floor in along with the tub and fire wall making sure we did not scratch anything. Once the floor was in place, the front LS drive kit was installed as well as the radiator with its cover and connected with the stainless radiator hoses. The new tires were sponsored by Mickey Thompson and then mounted to the rims. The rims were provided by Rocket Wheels and with their classic wheel design gave the car a perfect hot rod look.

   Once everything was installed cleaned up and wired correctly, the hot rod was ready to make its Sema show debut. We could not have done it without all the contributions of our employees here at CFR Performance and last but not least all of our wonderful sponsors that helped bring this car back to life. We just want to show our gratitude to our sponsors and thank you all, House of Pain Customs, Rocket Wheels, Mickey Thompson, Cquence Performance Brakes, Corbala Performance, Aldan American shocks, Trans Dapt Performance and Young Guns Powder Coating. We thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.

Below are links to show how the Hot Rod looked before. Click on pictures to see more!

First Sema Show with previous Hot Rod Look

Hot Rod in front of our old CFR warehouse

First look of the blue Hot Rod