This year we won a total of three Global Media Awards. We won the awards for our new 13' inch finned overflow tank, LS finned valve covers, and lastly our new LT cast iron manifolds.

13' inch Finned Aluminum OverFlow Tank in Black.

Chevy LT Cast Iron Manifolds.

Chevy LS Finned Black Valve Covers.


This year at the SEMA show was one to remember. We had the opportunity to work on and be apart of some amazing builds. Our in house build consisted of revamping our 1972 Chevy Camaro nicknamed "The Assassin". It was equipped with numerous upgrades including the new supercharger addition by Procharger. In the interior we hooked up with TMI interiors out of Corona, CA and they supplied us with the luxurious red and black leather/suede interior. The final touch was a brand new set of rims and tires, the rims supplied by Rocket Racing wheels and the tires by Toyo Tires. At the end everything fit perfectly together to give our 72 Camaro the upgraded it needed. Enjoy some pictures of the final product below.


Supercharger setup for our 427 SBC from ProCharger. 


To finalize the look of the Camaro we partnered up with Rocket Racing Wheels. With their help we were able to obtain some nice racing wheels to give the car the clean look were aiming for. To complete to the look to our wheel setup we finalized it by wrapping them up with some high quality tires courtesy of Toyo Tires.

Interior setup

With the interior being a key item for the build we made sure to team up with one of the best interior companies out there in TMI products. They supplied us with a full red and black, leather / suede interior . This made the interior stand out even more against our rich black paint of the car.

Quarter mile lowrider known as The Battle Ship.

The "Battle Ship" is the brain child of former NBA star Chris " Big C " Mills. His passion in lowriders and building the renowned 1959 Impala "The Mother Ship" gained him a front cover spread on the January 2017 lowrider magazine. The Mother Ship Impala showcased the attention to detail and creativity of Chris and his team at Stealth Motor Works in building a world class, world famous lowrider. 

To make this next project lowrider so unique its going against the grain in the lowrider scene. The Battle Ship will feature all black components instead of the usual chrome. This vehicle will have Small Block Chevy Engine with a blower and the rest must be seen to believe. 

We look forward to working with Chris and his team and supply his Small Block Chevy engine with CFR Performance parts and accessories to add to the character of this build.

Modern Style For Your

Modern Style For Your

Modern Style For Your

ready to go!

A lowrider equipped with a supercharger?  Yup! 

with the help of Edelbrock USA this 64 impala was well equipped and ready for cruising and the ability to go fast! 

all black everything.

Featuring all black CFR Performance parts. 

Modern Style For Your

Modern Style For Your