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Procomp high performance spark plug wires have increased voltage handling advantages for optimum performance under extreme and demanding conditions. These high performance ignition cables are the ultimate upgrade for your engine ignition system. They offer and deliver both high performance and outstanding durability. NOTE: These ignition cables are universal.

Features include:
1) Professional-grade silicone rubber outer jacket shields against chemicals, heat, moisture and gas.
2) High-dielectric strength Ethylene Propylene Diene Copolymer Compound (EPDM) eliminates voltage leaks and radio frequency interference (RFI).
3) Woven fiberglass reinforced braid allows for superior pull strength between extrusions.
4) Stainless steel conductor spirally wound around the ferromagnetic compound, with 50 non-touching spirals per centimeter, to ensure high tension current conduction and canalizes the magnetic field induced in the core of the cable. Greater ignition current and longer spark duration.
5) The ferromagnetic compound absorbs the interferences 4 + 5. Perfect suppression all along the cable.
6) A synthetic string supports the ferromagnetic compound.