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Our 24" x 19" high performance aluminum Chevy type radiator features a single-pass, 2-row design with 1" tubes that have 14 fins per inch. These radiators are manufactured to CFR Performance’s high standards of quality and are highly efficient. NOTE: Does not have drain valve.

Features include:
1) A reinforced die-stamped tank that is TIG welded for added rigidity.
2) Aluminum 2-row furnace brazed core with 1" tubes.
3) A crossflow tube design that dramatically increases cooling.
4) Machined billet filler water neck for better pressure control.
5) 1-1/2" top radiator inlet.
6) 1-3/4" angled bottom radiator outlet.
7) NOCOLOK brazed core for extra durability.
8) Epoxy-free construction.
Overall Size: 24.25"W x 19.5"H x 3"D
Core: 19"W x 17.75"H x 2.25"D
Custom brackets or fabrication may be necessary (P/N: HZ-41011).

The following fan shrouds are compatible with this radiator:




Download Radiator Installation Guide (PDF)

Optional: CFR Performance now offers a service upgrade to have your radiator pre-assembled when you order a radiator, fan shroud and cooling fan together. Just add the product HZ-SERVICE to your shopping cart with all three other items. (Note - One service per radiator fan shroud set. Pre-assembled radiator fan shroud units are non-refundable/returnable.)